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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kenapa saya mesti friendly

Kemarin is not one of a good day for me. Thought this week going to be a progressive one at work, tapi tekucil jua in mid week. Geramnye! A lot of stuff needs to be completed but when it comes to handling phones abit annoying bila asyik dah mind ani kn buat and siapkn report.

O yes pasal phone etiquette! Nda smua are well verse doing it even myself jua. Not everyone always perfect kn…Cuba tah aa, if answer calls atu in friendly tone. Kalo in a stress mood at work pun, answer it NOT in a rude way. You represent that company, what if the caller is a potential clients of your company or perhaps your boss family! Na...mcmmna kn jwp dgn your boss tu. Result mebe either get warned atau fired. Kn susah diri tu.

My case, kalo nda semena-mena kana marah over the phone pun, I’ll be nicely talking to them. Even if my tone betukar dah jadi serius bt budi bicara wil be kp maintain, js for the sake of my company’s reputation. If it’s getting personal then different thing lagi, hope this not happen la. Yalakn u dh tabur racun, i tabur balik dgn  bunga je...together dgn pasu pasunya (haha mcm pernah dgr this statement..dmana ya). Huh! With a bunch of calls made throughout the day, managed to get over her. I must say she’s very ‘professional’ la. Case close, thank God! 

Apa kata…….mulakn jam bekerja anda hari ini dgn baca berita dunia dulu k. Chow!      

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