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Friday, February 18, 2011


Hah!!!! Next week! Ya ka? Sure? (my panic attacking in few seconds haha..)

"Yes, dont forget make the hotel reservation for them. And, the staff dinner if you can" the boss said.

Huhu....napa awalnye? Takotnye aku. Gementarnye aku. Cana ni...

Story nya mcm ni oke (pull & push nafas dlm2 hehe)........

Our company director and a.manager, kn turun kBrunei nxtwk kn buat  employee's work performance evaluation, well known 'prestasi' for the public sectors. This year will be my 2nd work performance evaluation. Last year nda brapa prepared when it happen cos didnt see it coming tho. Thought it will be between the country-manager and staff mcm my 1st yr working, and nda with the presence of the regional Director as well.

Now, being informed early mcm atu. Panic tah plg nah adoi!

Thinking...yup lagipun alot of projects enquiries perlu dislasaikn by them jua here. And i think, i'll be preparing a few proposal bila evaluation nanti. Nanti ku tembak kamu kamu ya....

Dan mengenai staff dinner atu, i always runaway from attending it. Hehe apa pun they understand jua since im the only lady staff and always clash dgn acara kluarga. Seingatku, once sja ku pigi hehe...will see mcmna nanti. Tapi kn nxtwk my cuz dh kn wed dh....haha ada2 sja alasan coming-in kn...

oke oke buat kja lu krg tliat boss aku curik masa...chow!

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