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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you my e-day OP

Thank you FTS for your service.
Dah trima my photobook and CD the softcopies of all my e-day pikcas!
After a month long wait and a very 'few' txt msgs to get the updates, finally arrive hot hot from the oven hehehe...
Menerima all the items hari sabtu yg lps, a member of the group pass it to me dlm keujanan evening...kesian.

*photobook & cd*

*kehadiran dear fiance's grandma amatku hargai, the other grandma nda larat kBndr tapi dpt jua kMajlis sblh dear fiance.makasih nek sobsob...grandma sblh bapa ndadpt dtg kBrunei jua sbb sakit so accompanied by cuz disana saja*

Eventho the photobook abit small and few pages saja, but gmbr included mostly what i really want. Most important of all, pics of the people i share the moment with atu la. Waiting to choose pics to print out later for our personal collection lagi. Yay =)
Anyway thanks a lot.

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