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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fmily treat for you

Mlm minggu dRumah dearFiance, fmily treat for his bday. 

As planned invited fmily members yg very the dekat2 to come but not all can come. Ndapala...its AF night kn hehe. Glad neneks came memeriahkn acara. Doa slamat atas smuanya.

Cut the surprise-bday-cake from dearFiance's Usu. Lps mkn2 had lucky draw & a game for the occassion and...sambil2 atu liat AF dAstro. Meriah ey, mana sibuk riuh pasal gifts and mengkritik AF haha.

*dearFiance's Usu gave the surprice-bday-cake to dearFiance. siKecil atu iski dgn kek atu jua hehe*

*nda lps pluang with the cake*

Short update today. Great Sunday all. Take care =)

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