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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hola First Week of May

Hola all =)

Its a new week in a new month. Apa kbr kamu kamu? Weekend kamu ok?

Aku Alhamdulillah sihat je hehe. Headache beransur ilang dah. See i told u before kan, last time it last about more than a week. Takot sja ia dtg mengajot lagi, atu yg buat aku geram ati sja. My weekend lps join pigi santai-ing at Kompleks Sukan Mumong dKB with dearFiance's family. Tapi not quite best sbb ada yg missing tinggal dRumah. Anyway, i'll story about this soon ok.

Ani kisah about 2weeks ago. Hehe i know ketinggalan udah psl i js realise the pics i took for lilsis ani in my hp hehe. Hope nda kisah dUpload here, big story here is the new house. Tapi my bigsis mau delete pic yg ada ia psl she was sick so muka abit nda fresh sja, tapi syg la fmily collection sja la. So ndapa i'll cover-up sja, if u can spot it dbwh.

Kisah mlm minggu AF lagi, mkn2 at one of my aunt new home dTanjung Bunut. Mkn doa slamat bersama kluarga sempena menduduki rumah baru. Ani their second home berpindah dari their first home. Nice with modern architectural design, tapi dgn kluarga kami yg basar ani...susah cikit smua ahli kluarga kn 'ambush' her place at the same time. Parking area not spacious. Overall, sesuai sgt la dgn their small family rumah atu.

Sambil waiting fmily members lain kn dtg, meronda2 & melawat2 setiap corner rumah atu. Nda lama pun cos not basar banar lagipun ground floor sja mcm ala2 bungalow catu la. Lilsis begambar gambar lagi in some place of the house. Focus area was design air kluar dri dinding dkat entrance door atu. I think kinda like fountain tapi ani relax je turun dri dinding nda sederas air sungai atau laut. Wah! Magic tuu...hehehe

*the family's pet. they all are cats lover. telampau byk udah keturunannya dont remember their names.*

*ani their dining area. thats my lilsis, my temporary model. actually mau ambil gmbr that flatscreen tv tapi mcm waitress ta plg hehe. that night ada dua area food areas, sini is one of them*

*the small cute kitchen. very clever all space are used up for storage purposes including choices of cabinet hehe nice...pls ignore the smiley-person she was sick that night*

*here's the focus area! lilsis pose sja try to show the water flowing out from the wall...magic touch hehe*

*lagi the iski people, my lilsis & lilcuz.*

Mlm atu, we all mkn2 sambil liat AF & berabut jua liat channel Brunei pertandingan tausyeh. Pasal my lilcuz join tausyeh mewakili kampong drg. Glad that night they came third place hehe Congrates...

Orait people. Thats all. That night ndadpt took pic from outside sbb kegelapan hehe. From inside pun orait what. Nanti took pic byk2 kalo ksana lagi. These pics taken sbagai kenangan kmi first time to babu's new home.

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