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Friday, May 4, 2012

Picks of the Month

Good Morning.

Happy Friday.

I'm assuming this Month...
i will do more on organizing stuff, cleaning, creating crafts (maybe one or some) and more consumption of cocoa (chocolatessSSS loh!) more than other months have passed...hehehe true story about to happen...ceh!

Ok here's my reading picks for this Months!
Truth to be known, i dont have specific name of magazines for my monthly reading. Pasal diRumah i can just go to jiran-pintu bilik ku for her library...hahaha the BigSister collections of reading lah tu aa. She likes fashion magazines. Once in a while boleh pinjam saja for reading & keep update on fashion kan. Me? Random saja. Macam bulan ni beli magazine ala-ala 'National Geographic', then next month women magazines, next home renovation lah etc etc etc. Macam atu la rojaknya koleksi yg ada hehe.

I never thought this month's picks will be one of the best 'novel' of the best-best novels i have read hahaha.
Purchased recipe book & craft mag. Belum khatam lagi ok. 
Bulan Mei kan belum habis ni for the next purchase.
So why the rush kan? Walaupun 2pages takes half an hour to flip page sebelahnya hehe over...nop! banar if you read recipe book & tend to imagine buat menu atu hahaha ani baru tah kisah benar...

*Love my picks! Love minuman pilihan itu juga! kelurusan dearFiance tolong restock my fav drinks hehe tengkiu ye*

*Muka depan 'novel' pilihan ku. Make a visit to your nearby bookstore if interested jua aa hehe*

Oh! Another nice pick.
Nice pick of ole-ole gift dari M'sia.
Thank you dearCuzie. Sekembalinya dari melawat my tangah operation. Semalam went to Doa Kesyukuran for Arissa and my tangah operation.
Nda tau pun M'sia ada 'Sticky' branch store. Only tau diSingapore saja ada hmmpfff!   

*Pilih flavour watermelon ani dari apa yg the sister's dapat hehe*

Now your turn to say...Whats your nice picks of the month?

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