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Friday, June 29, 2012

Nervous+works works works...happy?

Salam Jumaat =)

Quite nervous with today's task!!!
Boss outstation today, last minute call.
Staff as usual managing project sites. 
I'm as usual trying to lessen my workloads, not to mention routine works need to be done also.....aiyamaaaaaaa!!!  

Ok what's the additional tasks for today?!!
Handling Brunei staff payroll cheques & boss' pending works. Fuh-lemak!!! hahaha
Yayyy! Fedex arrive, payrolls here. Eyes on the dollars already hehe...i need to do shopping laa..

Ok today need to manage time properly so i wont be flustered before end of the day.
So far completed my routine works & payroll. 
Need to rest for few mins before starting big ones hehe
Hopefully wont mess my mood today, "Ya Allah permudahkanlah segala pekerjaan ku hari ini dan hari2 yang mendatang, Amin amin amin ya rabbal alamin."

By the way, i still owe some entries to share here in my blog. Will find the time soon ok.

Take care beautiful people. Have a nice day =)

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