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Monday, July 9, 2012

My easy pudding :)

*Gambar Hiasan*

Eleh! iya tah krg gambar hiasan hahaha.
The before finished-work picture!

Majlis Papat Jambul at dearFiance's home.
Decided to make my easy pudding :)
One of my family's favourite.
Have to be proud of it sebab at least ada yang suka hehe.
Also dearFiance's family favourite, since i first made & introduced to them hehe.
Oh no! Ofcourse favourite dearFiance jua...kan dear?

An easy pudding to make, BUT difficult to make in cute-small-size.
Of course lah kan, biasanya buat in big sizes. 
I have to adjust portions of the ingredients in that cute-small-container.
More than 100pcs of them.

Suka, bila org suka makan ni =)
Suka jua to see those happy faces.

I'll probably need to change dessert menu sometimes when it comes to family gathering lagi nanti kan kan kan.......hehehe~

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