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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2weeks recap

Assalamualaikum beautiful people semua...

Lebih 2minggu menghilang, actually mau mengarang abit more more and more. 

Well, kali ni biarlah attached pictures menceritakan utk update kali ni ok.

*loves from dearSistersss*
Two weeks ago, my birthday yeheee =)
Bersyukur dapat bernafas utk ulangtahun kali ni. Alhamdulillah.
Hoping for more a 'ME' time this year. 
Mohon cuti kerja jua disebabkan alasan yg terselindung ani jua hehe.
didnt mention to dearFiance also about my 'percutian' hehe because i plan to treat myself for a 'pampering' session jua...nda becali tu kalo siDia pun kan accompany me.

Know what?! Of all the things i wanted to do that day, ONLY 1 thing yang kesampaian...kesian me.
dearFiance was suppose to accompany a cousin keluar sempadan, tapi cancel. so the GOOD thing he's with me the whole afternoon. he accompanied me doing my 'hair' treatment, its just less than 1hour saja maaa...
lunch out together and drive around. plan to have 'pampering' session also cancel.
dearFiance kept complaining he's so exhausted that day, so have to cut short whatever activity that early afternoon.
TAPI funny thing, dearFiance's parents jalan keBandar mau shopping ikan. 
Not for cooking, utk diPelihara yee hehe. No choice kami jalan2 lagi.
Thats it! Activity diSiang hari ku that day. Lain kali jgntah plan apa2 kali...hahaha.

That weekend, dearFiance's family having an openhouse. Kira penutup Raya.
Had a good meal indeed. Lama sudah mau makan laksa so kebetulan they had selections of food spread. Glad my family sampai jua, eventho bapa had difficulty driving during night time apalagi perjalanan jauh. 
Good time fullstop
No pictures taken haha.

*few of bestfriends came*
Last friday, halfday leave for bestfriend's nikah.
Alhamdulillah bestfriend =) 
This week will be her sanding, insyaAllah akan datang lagi.

Then, last week also big event diBrunei.
Sunday watched the sanding on tv.
Ringkas but nice event.
Oh! so gorgeous the bride.

bigSis has been away from home last week sudah...turutserta for the royalwedding event escorting some VIPS.
hahaha away.....dalam Brunei jua masih bah.
sadly she had to stay in a hotel by herself, waiting panggilan kerja jua.
Last night, been whatsapp-ing us the sisters....the first thing she asked pasal her room & astro tv??! kami nda kali ya rindu, ceh!

*bigSis...boring environment haha*

*we did whatsapp this pic last night, of my lilSis and me watching astro korean drama in bigSis room. saja to liat kan her astro and bedroom yg ia rindui aa haha*

Mengemaskini lagi nanti ok =)

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