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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh! My wrist

Injured my wrist 2weeks ago in the Office.
I have to endure the pain in one whole week thinking it will go away dalam seminggu atu.
Tapi becali jua aku tu...mengagahi bah.

Finally, after 1week menahan sakit and 1 sleepless night kerana menahan sakit & hand movement...asked the sisters dangani checkup. Have to wait them balik dance. LilSis driving hehe.
Went to RIPAS Hospital.

From above department then forwarded to below department service.
Bahagian Trauma.
Oh memang 'trauma' la banar area ani...pesakit yg quite terok injurynya ni. I didnt know my injury considered the same jua...huhuhu. Ijap ey...

dearFiance keep msg me worried apa the result banarnya.
After thorough checkup done by the doctor and nurses, they asked me to wear that strap for 2weeks. Advised to limit my movement.
Bukan jua sprained. Something got to do dengan urat not muscle.
Lucky also its left wrist.

The sisters been taking banyak pictures of us that night. Just to update the family in WhatsApp. Bukan jua, andang durang ani suka begambar mana2 ba haha. Pics above credit to them hehe. On the way home lagi hujan lebat, so the family quite worried jua la.

This week my kerja beransur back to biasa compared to lastweek atu...dugaan banar. Banyak lagi typing works and checking stuff diOfis, menahan sakit saja most of the time.

Alhamdulillah, now membiasakan sudah without wearing that strap. Rimas la hehe. Eventho still ada sakitnya.
Even TERbeli sudah wrist support tapi nda jua bepakai hehe.

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