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Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Day jadi Birthday Celebration

These few pics was way from December 2012 punya cerita...
Lama melepak dalam draft folder. Pics from the night event missing hehe

Sebenarnya, petang adalah acara Family Day 2012 belah dearFiance.
But cancelled! Delayed...sampai masuk magrib then masuk ke-malam.
Last2 teruskan the night event saja for nephew's belated birthday.

Kalo nda salah this was one day before tahun baru.
Should have celebrated on the new year's eve hehe

SIL rented these inflatable bouncers for the kids.
But night time became pesta melompat among the in-laws haha
Nda join sama. Seriously not a fan. 
Oh! There was few times masa daulu-daulu (hehe) dearFiance threw me in!
ish! i hate it when it happened.

These were supposed to be lucky draws for the Family Day.
Family belah dearFiance saja maaa....not so ramai.

Only toys for the little nephews.

Know what?! These end up in Birthday Celebration event that night.
Just because the afternoon Family Day 2012 got cancelled hehe.

Klik dearFiance's Hari Keluarga 2011 yg lepas.
Skipped tahun 2012.
Two of the Sister-In-Law currently pregnant, inshaaAllah for this year 2013 will back for the Family Day activities.

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