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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gleneagles JPMC - Cardiac checkup

Hehe 2bulan tersimpan entri ni for the result...

Remember this entry in April this year?

Voucher was about to expire 31st December 2012. 
Only able to book for the checkup appointment on 
Monday, 24th December 2012.
All the staff were registered for Cardiac Risk Factor Package.


Hehe only last minute one! 
Done treadmill only at RBRC the day before.
Atu pun less than 30mins saja. That’s it! 
Was so nervous about this treadmill stress test.
The colleagues be-Riuh bah diOfis after they done their checkup, all they worried was this test. Lain2 test nda plang, that's why i'm curious and nervous jadinya...

My appointment was in mid-morning. 
Luckily dearFiance was on leave, accompanied me that day.
Ready in sports wear for the test hehe antara satu daripada instruction semasa call buat appointment.

As arrived at SOC Department, all of the waiting patients were elders. Malu banar ey of myself, galat nya org kitani hehe. True plang masani nda kira umur, orang muda pun ada penyakit jantung BUT with their staring atu...alahai paji-maji~
Lepas the receptionist/nurse buat my appointment card & isi borang2, went to different rooms for test and check. 
Antara basic procedure: check height, weight, BP and blood sample...

The second call to another room was the worst experience that day. The blood sample! Simple routine procedure for hospital check up but....enough made me crazy during the process. Syukur ya Allah, all the nurses were so nice. Kalo nda dapat menahan rasa bah, boleh menimbulkan kemarahan tu...hehe
For the blood sample, they had to ‘poke’ 3 times trying to find the vein. 2 times on the right and once on the left. Kesian the nurses had difficulty finding my vein, but lucky they collected just enough the right amount for the sample. My arms bruised so fast. Biru-purple jua lengan ku for the next few days lepas atu.

Third and final room test atu memerlukan stamina and fizikal yg kuat... Ceh! Hehehe nada la so much... 
Kan ani test, warming up a must jua. 
Apa2 exercise pun mesti jua warm up kan kan kan... 

Masa Stress Test, ada test lari on treadmill.
The Doctor atu baik jua ok. He's from Malaysia, nda ingat namanya.
While warming up & kurangkan my nervous, the doctor tanya2 jua few questions.

One i still remember was kenapa i took this package, sedangkan test2 before atu menunjukkan my health OK...
Bagitau la, its a 'gift' dari boss. Boss sponsored all the staff to do this Test supaya we all know tahap kesihatan kami macammana. Tahun lepas atu, boss sendiri nda sangka after one two visits diRIPAS....kana admit plang dJPMC for urgent bypass surgery.
Anyway, back to run on treadmill atu...
i managed to finish until Level4. Which is the highest! 
But i stopped few seconds before masanya tamat. 
Nda sanggup lagi, my leg almost get cramp sudah.
Then sudah selesai....tau apa??!!
Baru tah terfikir kan betanya the Doctor, kalo the other patients biasanya reach until which level....
i even emphasized my question, "kebiasaannya la"... Tau apa he said...???
Level 2 saja !!!
Aiyoooo doktor.......
Kalo tau, i just finish until Level 2 or 3 saja...nda ku kapus-kapussss
Well apa pun, pengalaman tu hehe

Selesai exercising....the nurses suruh minum/makan. They prepared biscuits and hot drinks dekat dengan counter nurse atu. Andang diSediakan untuk patients lepas do the Test.

Jumpa Doktor lain diBilik yg lain lagi, diSana kena asked questions about your health dan sejarah2 kesihatan your family yg kamu tau la. Then, Confirmkan next appointment for more detailed Health Evaluation which is a week after that.

Habis semua test on that day, bukan balik tarus aa hehe...
Went to Payment Counter untuk bayar Registration Fee.
Yup! Registration Fee saja sendiri yg tanggung, the Package Fee (BND250.00) atu sudah diBayar boss earlier hehe
Registration Fee BND10.00 only.

After 1week, also on Monday which was 31st December 2012.
Appointment for health test result. The Doctor and the nurse explained one by one of the pages (tests taken).
Ye la...harapkan aku baca sendiri, alamat nda paham tu medical words atu hehehe
Finally the Doctor concluded with....your health is very much OK!!! 
Sukanyeee result! Rasa macam all the tests atu semua 'A' bah hahaha
The details is Private & Confidential! 
But you all already know, im very much healthyyyyyyy =)
Folder segala copies of the tests and result, ku bawa balik sebagai kenangan...eseh!

Ada yang pernah ambil this Pakej? 
Boleh kongsikan. Mau jua tau your experience macammana...

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