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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Revlon - Lip Balm Stain

Beli ni awal minggu lepas diGuardian, Tutong.
Color abit Merah Delima.
Using it alternately dengan lipbalm yang ada dalam simpanan masa ni.
Oh! Lupa introduce, saya jenis yang guna LipBalm saja.
(Psst! jara sebab alergik beberapa lipstick brands few years before)
Masa ni menggunakan 2 lipbalm-brand saja, Nivea & Silkygirl and this one...
So far this balm works well macam those two above, plus the color stays longer.

Lipbalm yang nda cepat mengeringkan bibir is my target. 
Ada setengah brand, awal2 atu saja ok then after 2hours...alamak!

Actually wanted to get "Rendezvous" colour but soldout. 
So i just try this dark color "Romantic Romantique" dulu la.
Dan bole menambah-nambah 'colors' in my makeup items hehe.

Harga satu BND15.++
No.045 - "Romantic Romantique".
Pencil-like lipbalm.

Found out about this lipbalm when reading Cleo Magazine 4months ago.
I didnt know Revlon brand ada lipbalm.
Took the picture of the packaging so i can search diKedai2.
  Only last month found out ada diGuardian sudah.
So my shopping list include this one hehe.

Picture i took from the magazine ads.

This is from Google-image. 
Name of the colour included for easy reference.

Are you a lipbalm person also?

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