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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sisterly support (9mar2013)

Went to Le Swan Studio Dinner and Dance 
last Saturday, 9th March 2013.
At D'Anggerek Hotel.

To support the sisters made their first performance.
Performances mostly 'beginners' students dari dance studio ni.
BigSis and LilSis joined healthy dancing just for fun since midyear 2012.
Activity after working hours la kata kan...i refused to join eventho the studio hampir saja dengan my office hehe. 


Sambung cerita nanti aa....hehehe
Updated 19march2013 =)

Limited seats...
 thought bigSis was joking about the attire concept.
Tiket bigSis yang simpan so mana la tau kan hehehe
LilSis bongsu pun paning mau pakai apa hehe 
Last minute pakai aja mana yg ok

Kami antara jemputan yg terawal datang to support this event.

 Still in dinner-attire.
lilSis & bigSis excited for their debut performance.

Me and lilSis bongsu ready for! salah ready to watch the sisters to perform hehe

 Food nyaman. Chose makan mee basah instead of nasi.
Forgot to rasa buah buahannya for dessert.

 sisters dance attire, tribal....

 First performance was from hiphop group.

Then this...
not sure apa jenisnya ni hehe...
seingatku...ada two or three couples yang performed this


One group before the sisters performed, nda dapat ambil gambar. Assist one of the members took video of them. Very nice persembahan drg...

Oh so nice sisters group performance.
I think they call it contemporary dance hehe

 Ujung sekali tu my lilSis hehe...bigSis terselindung la pulak...
I took this shot masa tangan kanan sibuk pigang camera to shoot the video hehe

sisters dance group with their choreographer
sisters with their choreographer/dance teacher

 We all left and reached home by 11pm malam tu.

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