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Friday, September 27, 2013

excited SO MUCH

Assalamualaikum salam jumaat

hari ni kerja lapang sikit. ada waktu terluang selesai baca e-newspaper. pagi ni my student nda datang kerja, mungkin petang krg report back. ada urusan perlu diUruskan sebelum permanently transfer keSyarikat kami.

hujung2 bulan ni...hehe EXCITED dan kadang anxious jua la for experience baru ni nanti. 

Oh! this much to look forward too. HAPPY :) 
and excited...hahaha again!!?

Need to do some shopping for my new work-wardrobe, maybe kalo ada masa jua terus shopping for my monthly expenses hehe habis lah waktu off-day dearFiance ku booking ni hahaha...and yes! i prefer to have my SPECIAL ESCORT ni to accompany me.

Also, this weekend plan to visit his family in Lumut. Sunday got invitation to BBQ at Anduki with dearFiance's gym mates. Family event ofcourse. Nda mau pigi la if there will be his gym mates only, malu la dengan saiz ku yg kecil ani hehe

Then next Monday, my current Boss mau belanja makan sempena my lastday working. Hope some of the colleagues able to come jua nanti, almaklum la masani diorang busy with ongoing project. Kalo nda pun, i'll have to text and force them to go out dari project site jua hahaha ngalahkan Boss la...and ofcourse not to forget my new student yg replace my post nanti hehe.

Oh ya! tomorow ada plan to have makan in the office. But only 2 of us & my student. Or maybe i'll force some of the staff go to project site abit late haha. We can have makan together. My student/new staff is a cook in a restaurant before, she wanted to cook something for me before i left the kira tomorow ni is good time la. Maybe i'll prepare & bring something also tomorow lah hehe. Something simple & easy to prepare tomorow morning...hmmmm ok will flip my recipe folder later at night lah! Ok done put that in my handphone reminder.

Ok now what??!!

Nanti lagi aa...buat kerja ofis dulu hehe. Ada masa esok, mengarang lagi ye :)

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