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Friday, October 23, 2015

TW Gathering

My 1st Tupperware Gathering since i joined as a Member last year.
Buy Tupperware for personal and home use.
Do Online Selling too.
Kill two birds with one stone hehe.

This small Gathering was held at Badi'ah Hotel.
Last Saturday afternoon 17th October 2015.
Organized by my upline.
Its FREE entrance plus FREE attendance gift.

Program include:
> Demo on some products
> Business achievements
> This month's limited item products
> Q&A session plus games
> Product selling (at the back)
> Rank recognition (me!!!) hehe
 Representative from Tupperware Brands Malaysia
started off the program by doing Tupperware dance step!
It was fun to see all the sportsmanship.

Steve from Tupperware Brands Malaysia.
Made demonstration on some of the products.
Very informative gathering indeed!

This is part of the Games.
Mama received Game Gift too.
Oh! Mama ponteng kerja petang tu. Eh! Halfday leave.
Mama as excited as i am going to this gathering.
I never been to, sebab tu lah.
Kan pigi Tupperware Gathering diKL tu bila lah agaknya.
Small gathering macam ni pun jadi lah hehe 

 Saya naik pangkat as 'Director'.
Alhamdulillah syukur. Kerja kuat lagi lepas ni.
Utk tambah income dan tambah koleksi Tupperware dirumah hehe.
Kalau fulltime mungkin lagi terasa lebih fun on selling.
Ni part time saja lah buat sementara waktu.

This month's limited edition products on display & on sale.

 Setiap yg hadir akan terima attendance Gift ni.

Insha Allah ada masa teluang lagi,
will support my team on their Gathering.
Mine belum ready lagi kan organize macam ni hehe
Slow & steady je dulu.

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