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Tuesday, November 24, 2015



Today baru ada masa went to renew my driving license.
Renew ONLINE sudah. Isi borangnya.
Even received notification renew application in email. Stated lah date to collect sekian2 hari.
RENEWED ONLINE last week dah. Means the collection date also last week!
Kira kan today uruskan what is pending saja which is payment & take photo.

But BAD INCIDENT encountered at Counter 4.
Came to my que number.
Lady yg attend mcm endah nda endah saja menjawab.
Explained go which which counter and do what pun susah.
What i asked, she said yes. Tapi silap sebenarnya.
Kasihan a man yg jaga Kaunter Nombor pun ku marah.
Lucky next counter of that lady seems realised I was so pissed off with mixed instructions from different counters. To that lady incharge of taking photo counter too, THANK YOU at least there is 1 person melancarkan urusan disana.

I guess the new system RENEWING ONLINE NOT SO EFFICIENT at all!

Next year for sure will renew & collect in POS OFFICE or Daerah lain saja.

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