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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Its END of 2105!

 Its the END of 2015 already!
Month of holiday for the students.
Also month of the many-many-many celebrations & preparations than other months.

For some its the month for preparing school stuff, month to go on a holiday,
month of celebration for good results/achievements,
month of festive (Christmas), 
month for holding a Family day,
and current trend is BBQ Month!!!

Since the past few years, i observed that every end of December
most Bruneian will have Family BBQ.
No wonder supermarkets always runs out of the chicken wings stock!

For me, no long holidays or vacay this December.
At least there will be public holidays coming towards the end of month.

Hope for the better every each of the days than before :)
See you in next post.

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