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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Weekend Getaway & Zalora Package

On pre-planned weekend getaway with the in-laws last week.
Stayed at the New Wing Imperial Hotel (Permaisuri Mall), Miri.
Our room cost BND50 plus.
And so we booked 3 rooms for 3 couple with kids.
Booking through Agoda is convenient for me so far.

Initial plan was SIL wanted to go Karaoke Box at the top floor of Permaisuri Mall.
So many booths open, sales and activities.We do not expected this.
It was voting week for Malaysians, Mother's Day and there was Bike Week shows.
That's why the so many crowds everywhere.
Disney characters also came out to promote Mini Theme Park 
somewhere which i don't find out haha
Nephews managed to get pictures with them. 
Of course entrance fee required. Free balloons, ice creams and 1 game to play next to the photo area.

In the end we don't go to Karaoke Box as planned.
SILs and BILs were excited to go for shopping and walk around instead.
Us too hahaha

And my Zalora package arrived that Saturday too.
Courier inform will deliver when they can on that day too.
Guess what time??? At night around 8pm.

Just in time before midnight we arrived back to our hotel room,
all messages came in nonstop. Courier sent me the pic. Earlier informed them to place at usual place which is infront of my bedroom door. But did not expect them to deliver that night too. And so, inform lil sister to get it inside. Lucky sisters still up. They're still movie-ing (on Astro) haha

And guess what??? They all unboxing the package that night too.
Typical ladies! Macam buka presents bah tu haha so excited them
Since lil sister also did order few items with me and so ask her to check mine too.
All 10 items received! Happy us.
We bought shoe, blouses, AJ Bawal, clutches and watches.

Great weekend eh banar!

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